flashforward pretties

i just got back from flashforward 2006 and i thought i'd summarize my notes in a list of links for y'all to check out.

i'll split this into two posts. pretties (try not to drool on your keyboard) and provisions (learn how to make others drool). here are the pretties:

AOL's top 11 music video countdown
- a great use of flash video, skin the player anyway you like, sponsors even pay to have skins made. they tell me this is the most visited music site on the web.

underworld:evolution movie site - it may take a while to load, but holy crap i don't even know how to begin to recreate this site!

gallery incomplet - flash experiments from designer grant skinner. this guy spoke at the conference and while i'd love to say i understood everything he talked about because he described it all as being so "simple" i have to admit this guy is lightyears ahead of the rest of us.

davinci code movie site - david garrett nantz from big spaceship walked us through and deconstructed this site for us which was a very eye opening experience. don't miss the davinci gallery where there is a secret code hidden in the images that will unlock hidden content!

of course i cannot forget my favorite winners from the flashforward film festival. here they are:
in the cartoon category: little foot
in the application category: the bad luck test
in the 3D category: casio g'zone - yeah it's kinda in japanese but just click around, you'll see some cool stuff
in the game category: dofus - just sign up and play for 10 minutes. your mind will be boggled - "this is flash?!"
in the video category: ikea's dream kitchens

there are the pretties folks. hope you come back for the provisions.


architecture in helsinki

i have a feeling a lot of bands sites will end up here but the record companies have the budget and they want to do cool stuff eh?
so i bring you:

{architecture in helsinki}

mostly i just think it's cool that the hanging "sign" of the bands name (and other various elements) adjusts to your browser size smoothly... it's neat. and even though it's fairly easy to do, it's a fun design element.

while you're there do yourself a favor and watch the video for Do the Whirlwind. how cute are the little pixel art characters? not to mention the video game aspect of it... i love it :)

forests forever

well, this is just plain pretty.

a flash gallery of photographs from forests around the world. need a break from your stale gray cubicle? go here, take a deep breath, and escape for a few minutes.


i hear it hurts

the first feature will be a local (local to slc that is) designer's portfolio. matt is a great interactive designer and i aspire to be as good as this.
{i hear it hurts}

This design was highly inspiration to my own portoflio website.
{starshadow interactive}

the beginning

hello all, I've started this account to keep a journal of great design/motion/just plain neato stuff for the web. Please let me know if there's anything you think is worthy!